8 Things To Do For Your New House


house boughtThis is not going to be advice coming from Bob the Home Builder. Bob is not going to tell you everything you need to know. This is why I am here. I am here to impress some knowledge upon you. This knowledge is here to help out every new home owner and even those who have been down this block before. I might be mentioning something to you, something you have never even heard of before, something like phoenix pest control project and more!


There is a reason I am mentioning this. Stick your head in between the beams. There should be some sort of insulation there. There needs to be at least six inches or more of the insulation. If you live up north there should be more. If something does not seem to be quite right, you should have it checked out.

The insulation might be damaged or ripped in some way. If this is the case, you will need to have it fixed. A simple patch job will not do either. You will have to replace the whole thing.

This might cost you some money upfront, but it’s going to save you money. If you leave it go, more issue will occur in the home. This will add up to more costly damages later on down the road. Do you want this to happen?


Most people do not keep it above 120 degrees. When it’s up this high you could end up being injured. Do you have kids around the house? You need to watch out for them at all times. This is why you need to keep the temperature down. This level of heat could scald your kids. This will lead to hospital visits. This will add to more money you have to spend. Do you really want this to happen?

Lower the temperature. This will also lower the cost of your energy bill.


ceiling fan In my home I have at least three, even one in the bedroom. By running your fans you can keep your thermostat down, by at least one or two degrees. Do this in the summer and winter months. Actually, I run my bedroom fan all year round. It helps to keep the energy levels down. Look at your energy bill at the end of each month. You might just be surprised at how much you have saved.

I prefer to use fans off and on through the day. It keeps the air circulated. It gets out the dry and dirty air. It’s a great way to keep cool without putting too much emphasis on it.


Some of you might be wondering what the big deal about this is. If the pipe is exposed it might be doing much damage. Actually, it does more harm than most of us realize. If you wrap them up, it will increase the circulation of the water ion the piping.

Wrapping up the pipes will also help the hot water to reach your faucets much faster. This is why most of us want, right? This happens especially if we are about to take a hot shower. Hot showers feel really great, don’t they?

An exposed pipe will decrease the hot water levels, especially in a cold and dark basement. When you check the piping, there are key areas to look out for. The first three feet out of the pipes are the most crucial parts. The other parts include the last few feet of water that is inlet. Check these areas first. This is where the temperatures are affected the most.


This is one of the top investments you should make if you are a new home owner, that is if you haven’t done so already. Get one and learn how to program it. It’s easy to use. All you do is set it to the preferred temp during the day. The same goes for the night time. Set it to drop a few degrees as you fall asleep. This should also be done while you are out of the house. Ste it go back to normal once you return or wake up.

The great thing about this gadget is that it does it all on its own. You don’t need to do anything except learn how to program it. It will save you tons of money. It will cut down on the amount of energy you are using too.


air conditionerThis subject gets some debates. Some believe that you don’t need to worry about it. Others believe it should be on your priority list. I personally agree with those who make it a priority. I will explain why.

When you first move in you need to change the filters. These are the ones found in the AC and heating units. It doesn’t matter if they were done a month before the move, do it anyway.

I found this out the hard way when I moved to my new place. I didn’t concern myself with that stuff right away. A few months in I found the air to be stifling. I also found that I was circulating old and used air. This was not a good thing. I changed the air filters and things got better.

You can do the same. It takes all of 10 seconds. Locate the filter on your unit. It’s usually a large rectangular unit. Take down the measurements and go to the store. Buy the ones you need and install. It’s actually a good idea to buy a few of them. This way you won’t have to put out more money so soon.


Go through each room when you first move in. Check the vents. Are their any obstructions? If there are you need to get them fixed right away.


The crack is just one way the energy levels can go up. This means it takes more energy to get something to work. Go through the house, especially the basement. Seal up any and all cracks.